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Introducing the THCD-101: A perfect companion for flow meters & controllers, vacuum gauges, and pressure transducers

Posted by Stuart Taliaferro on Thu, Jan 10, 2019 @ 03:26 PM

THCD-101Teledyne Hastings is proud to announce the release of the THCD-101 single channel power supply, controller and display.  The THCD-101 can be used to operate a wide variety of mass flow meters and controllers as well as vacuum gauges and pressure transducers. The THCD-101 uses bright OLED digits which makes the display easy to view, even from a distance. The THCD-101 is extremely versatile in its configurable range and can be set up to display any unit of measurement through customizable alphanumeric characters.  The power supply provides stable ±15 VDC and +24 VDC levels which can be used to operate a variety of measurement and control instruments. The display and readout features a high accuracy of ±(0.02% of Reading + 0.01% of Full Scale).  The user can also set relay alarms for the control of other processes.  The THCD-101 is configured at the factory to match the user’s requirements for range & units so it is ready to use right out-of-the-box.

The main screen of the THCD-101 display (pictured above) shows the current reading from the connected instrument and measurement units.  If relay alarms have been tripped, they will be indicated on the far right of the display screen.  Lastly, the main screen will show the current mode of the setpoint, if not in AUTO mode. There is an OPEN mode and CLOSED mode.  In OPEN mode the setpoint outputs a voltage greater than the full scale of the device. In CLOSED mode the setpoint outputs a voltage less than the minimum output voltage of most devices.  AUTO mode is dependent on the set point the user commands via either the THCD-101 physical buttons, digital communication, or external input.

The menus pack several features into the THCD-101 while still ensuring ease of operation for the user.  Through the intuitive menus, the user can enter a setpoint, change the full-scale range & full-scale output voltage (5 VDC or 10 VDC), program alarm relays for process control, restore factory defaults, and many other helpful options. 

DisplayX Standalone SoftwareThe THCD-101 now includes digital communication via a USB ‘C’ connection or Ethernet (TCP/IP).  When the power supply is connected via Ethernet, the THCD-101 provides a web server for operation and instrument configuration. The web server can be accessed by entering the IP address of the device into a browser address bar (requires static IP address configuration on the network prior to use). This allows the user control of various settings within the device and to read the devices current reading. Note that the IP Address can be changed through the menus of THCD-101.  In addition to the THCD-101 web server, standalone DisplayX software can be downloaded free of charge from the Teledyne Hastings website.  Should the user need to change the THCD-101’s setup, the DisplayX software or Ethernet web server is extremely helpful in streamlining this process.

THCD-101 with THCD-100 BlueAs outlined above, the THCD-101 contains all the great features of the legacy THCD-100 while adding new and improved features such as USB & Ethernet digital communications and a bright OLED display.  Even with these powerful additions, the instrument keeps the same 1/8 DIN size while offering a shorter depth than the previous display & readout!

The THCD-101 is a very flexible and multi-featured process display controller that is capable of interfacing to an assortment of meters, controllers, and gauges. To learn more about the THCD-101 or any of our other vacuum and flow products, contact us at hastings_instruments@teledyne.com, call 757-723-6531 (800-950-2468), or click the button below.

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See more clearly with the HVG-2020A Vacuum Gauge!

Posted by Stuart Taliaferro on Tue, Oct 09, 2018 @ 10:02 AM

HVG 2020A_76307_fingerWe at Teledyne Hastings Instruments are pleased to introduce the newest member of our vacuum measurement portfolio, the HVG-2020A.  The HVG-2020A is a piezoresistive vacuum sensor with an optional touchscreen display that reads from 0.1-1000 Torr.  The sensor uses 316 Stainless Steel as the wetted material and provides a gas independent pressure measurement, meaning your measurement will be accurate no matter what gas species is being used.  The HVG-2020A features an excellent accuracy rating of ±(0.1% of Reading + 0.5 Torr).  This rugged sensor comes in a number of system connections for ease of installation: 1/8” NPT, 1/4” VCR®, 1.33” Mini-CF, 2.75” CF, KF-16, KF-25, 1/2” Weld Stub, and 1/2” VCR. Let’s talk about some of the powerful features that allows the HVG-2020A to stand out.

5 Reasons Why You  Need the HVG-2020A

HVG 2020A_topAnalog I/O: The HVG-2020A has a 9 pin D-sub connector on top of the assembly that allows an analog output signal to be measured amongst other features.  The selected linear analog output signal is proportional to the full scale range of the sensor (1000 Torr). Available outputs are 0-1 VDC, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 0-20 mA, and 4-20 mA.  The sensor will come configured from the factory with one of these outputs active, but can be easily changed by the user should output requirements change.  Through the touchscreen display, there is a menu that allows the user to cycle through the available output options.  If the HVG-2020A was configured without a touchscreen, the analog output can be changed via digital communications, which we’ll talk about in the next section.  In addition to the analog output, the 9 pin D-sub will have Hi & Lo set points.  The Hi set point is active when the pressure is above the set value and the Lo set point is active when the pressure is below the set value.  Finally, the 9 pin D-sub has a pin for input power.  The HVG-2020A can accept 12-36 VDC for power.  In the event, the user doesn’t have 12-36 VDC to send via the 9 pin D-sub, there’s a 24 VDC input connection port that’s compatible with a bayonet-style power supply.


Digitial I O for HVG 2020ADigital I/O:  As mentioned earlier, the HVG-2020A has a few different methods digital communication can be established.  First and easiest is the micro-USB port on top of the gauge.  This will allow the instrument to be directly connected to a computer without the need for adapters or extra wiring.  There is also a 4-conductor TRRS jack on top of the instrument.  This port can be used for daisy-chaining gauges together with RS485 or a standard RS232 communication connection.  Finally, the 9 pin D-sub will have two pins designated for TTL serial communication. These digital communications (with the exception of TTL) can be connected to a PC and used with our Free Windows software for the HVG-2020A.  The software has a number of features including data logging and customization/configuration of the gauge.  Digital communication also allows for command syntax to be sent manually to the instrument. These commands are especially important if the HVG-2020A was ordered without a touchscreen display.  Through digital communication, the user can issue commands that change the analog output, adjust set point values, stream pressure readings, or change pressure units, just to name a few.

 5 Reasons Why You  Need the HVG-2020A

Touchscreen Display:  The most powerful feature of the HVG-2020A is the touchscreen display.  The intuitive display allows for quick visualization of the current pressure without needing to have a separate power supply or remote display. There are five available views to choose from (shown left to right below): Pressure View, Pressure & Temperature View, Set Point View, Bar Graph View, and Pressure over Time View.  The pressure is always displayed on each of these five screens.

Various Digital Screens for HGV 2020A

There is also a menu button which will allow the user to cycle through a number of sub menus.  Through these menus the user can change the screen orientation should they mount the gauge in a position other than vertical, set the zero (this should only be performed if the system pressure is known to be well below 0.1 Torr), view device information such as serial number and firmware levels, change the analog output, cycle between RS232 or RS485 and a number of baud rates, and finally restore the configuration of the gauge back to the original factory setup.  The touchscreen display makes reading vacuum pressure as clear as 20/20 Vision!


LED Status Lights:  Lastly, the HVG-2020A features two LED lights on top of the instrument.  These are extremely helpful in getting a general idea of the current pressure and status of the vacuum gauge. The chart below explains each combination of Status & Vacuum LED.

Status and Vacuum LED Explanation

Simple Lab Set-up using Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

The HVG-2020A vacuum gauge is ideal for many applications requiring rough vacuum measurement.  The picture on the right shows a simple lab set-up using a diaphragm vacuum pump & an analog needle gauge.  The HVG-2020A would be a perfect fit for this set up.  With the local touchscreen display, extensive wiring and configuration is not needed.  Simply supply the gauge power and you are reading pressure. It’s easy to See why the “2020” is the vacuum gauge for the job! 


To learn more about the HVG-2020A or any of our other vacuum and flow products, contact us at hastings_instruments@teledyne.com, call 757-723-6531 (800-950-2468), or click the button below.

5 Reasons Why You  Need the HVG-2020A 

VCR® is a registered trademark of Swagelok Company.

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Benefits of a Flow Service Plan for Mass Flow Meters/Controllers

Posted by Stuart Taliaferro on Tue, Jul 05, 2016 @ 02:09 PM

Flow_Service_Plan.jpgThere are many benefits for having a Flow Service Plan for your Mass Flow Meters/Controllers.  This blog touches on just a few of them.

Maintaining calibration on measurement instrumentation is essential to minimizing uncertainties and ensuring accurate readings. Hastings Instruments offers its flow calibra­tion services featuring deeply discounted pricing. The Flow Service Plan allows the user to integrate high-quality calibrations into metrology schedules for Hastings’ 200 Series, 300 Series, and digital 300 series flow meters and controllers. The Flow Service Plan may be purchased for either new or recently reconditioned instruments.

HFC-D-302A.jpgEach instrument under the plan is eligible for three calibrations anytime within a 36-month period. Under the discount Flow Service Plan, the user purchases two calibrations and receives a third at no cost. At the time of purchase, the user may specify a calibration interval; Hastings Service will track the unit’s history and provide advance notice (four weeks) of the next scheduled calibration.

200_series_of_flow_instruments.jpgThe calibration and service department will clean, recalibrate, and ship the instrument back to the user within 5 working days or less per instrument.  The Flow Service Plan will improve up-time at the user’s facility while ensuring compliance to metrology requirements. All calibration performed at Teledyne Hastings is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  In addition to this, calibrations are compliant to ISO 17025 requirements. 

Hastings offers a complete service department dedicated to recalibration, repair, and service for all of our mass flow and vacuum products.

If you have any questions or would like a Flow Service Plan quoted for your new or recently purchased mass flow instrument, click the button below

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or contact your local Teledyne Hastings representative or the factory (757-723-6531 or HASTINGS_INSTRUMENTS@teledyne.com)

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