Flow Controller Inventory
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We are pleased to offer you the following list of flow controllers (HFC-D-302A) with various operating conditions in stock and ready to ship.  

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Operating Conditions: All metal seal, analog 0-5VDC and RS-232 communication, N2, inlet pressure: 30-50 PSIA, outlet pressure: 0-15 PSIA, STP: 0C and 760 Torr, Swagelok Fittings. Click for Specifications Bulletin.



20 SCCM, 1/8" Fittings 1 in stock
50 SCCM, 1/4" Fittings 1 in stock
100 SCCM, 1/4" Fittings 1 in stock
200 SCCM, 1/4" Fittings 1 in stock
500 SCCM, 1/4" Fittings  1 in stock
1 SLM, 1/4" Fittings 1 in stock
2 SLM, 1/4" Fittings 1 in stock
5 SLM, 1/4" Fittings 2 in stock
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